Monday, 17 September 2007

Some children have to wear hand knit socks

For some weeks now Dory has blisters on both big toes. On the outer side, a very unusual spot for blisters. I checked and rechecked her shoes, they could not be the problem, she should have enough room for her toes. Nevertheless, we went to the children's shoe shop today. One of those recommended by podiatrists.
The shop assistant took a close look at Dory's toes and feet and agreed the shoes still fit. But some people can't endure the seams on the toes of socks and it is very likely this is causing the problem. And then she came up with the solution:
"Some children have to wear their socks inside out or hand knit socks." Yay!

We did buy a pair of boots anyway :)


*Rae* said...

Wow I never knew that about socks before it gives you a reason to knit her more cute socks lol but I love those shoes they are so cute..

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I want a pair for Alora do tell me in an email the us cost I must have a pair they are absolutely by far the cutest shoes I have seen to date;) Darcy

Myrthestiek said...

I know the problem. My dad has the same; unfortunately he's also very allergic to wool.

Great shoes for your little princess.

Een famke said...

Leuke schoenen! soms heb je gewoon een goede reden nodig toch! En dat wordt dus flink breien...of heeft iedereen bij jullie een hele lading handgebreide sokken?

Lizet said...

@ Christien: nee, ze hebben hier geen ladingen handgebreide sokken. Ieder kind heeft iets van 3 paar. Door de week dragen de jongens zwarte sokken naar school, gewoon gekochte sokken dus. Ik heb wel ergens op de plannenlijst om voor ieder een paar zwarte school-sokken te breien. Maar ja, nu de uitvoering nog...