Tuesday, 25 September 2007


YES! I like to have this title above a post, so therefore I decided to use it once. I am in quite some time now and have to say it is a great resource. They have wonderful stuff on there. But one disadvantage of Ravelry is it kind of interferes with posting new projects here on this blog. I will try to make it up with this post.

The Wild West longies are done for a while now and on their way home. It was fun to make them.

The pink ruffles longies are made of Blue Faced Leicester. Very pink, very girly...

WIP: a pair of longies knit up with Pirates Treasure. I love how the colours are turning out.

And then I want to share a colourway that seems to be very popular at the moment. It could have something to do with the name: Wicked Night.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Some children have to wear hand knit socks

For some weeks now Dory has blisters on both big toes. On the outer side, a very unusual spot for blisters. I checked and rechecked her shoes, they could not be the problem, she should have enough room for her toes. Nevertheless, we went to the children's shoe shop today. One of those recommended by podiatrists.
The shop assistant took a close look at Dory's toes and feet and agreed the shoes still fit. But some people can't endure the seams on the toes of socks and it is very likely this is causing the problem. And then she came up with the solution:
"Some children have to wear their socks inside out or hand knit socks." Yay!

We did buy a pair of boots anyway :)

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Clampsie Hills ~Holiday part III~

We stayed in a caravan near Fintry. The area is just beautiful and as we had great weather all the time, we have walked a lot. Here some pictures of our Clampsie Hills walk.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Socks. Again.

I assumed the Beatrix socks would be easy to knit on the go as there is only a pattern in the back of the leg. Not entirely true. The pattern is not hard to follow, but is worked over 29 stitches, without any obvious repeating. So I had to pay attention to my knitting while doing the pattern, not always easy with a demanding toddler and two teens around. But the result is still neat. The used yarn is 'September' of Fyberspates, 50% merino and 50% tencel. Needle size 2.5 mm.

And these sock are also made during the holiday with leftover BFL sock yarn. Little Victorian Lace socks.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Holiday part II ~Wool~

With all those sheep we met during our walks, I made the mistake to think there should be knitting wool in one of the many 'woollen mills'. Stupid thought, I have been in Edinburgh Mills more than once and they sell no yarn at all. But I didn't think of that, all I remembered was a Woollen Mills near Blarney Castle, where was a whole department of knitting wool. I have to say that was four years ago.
Nevertheless, when I found out there were 2 so called 'woollen mills' near us, I constrained the whole family to go with me :). But it was disappointing, no yarn. The lady I asked about it had to laugh when she heard my assumption. Another lady pointed me to a third woollen mill, they had sheep there, and as far she knew, there should be some wool as they also had spinning classes. She was correct about that. That mill had sheep, had spinning classes only at Saturdays (I was there on Friday) and they had a little knitting wool. And I have had a good conversation with a lady, learned a lot more about sheep and their wool and she has given me some useful tips. So the trip to the last mill was no waste time at all.
There is no such thing as 'accidence'. After our visit at the first two mills, we decided to stroll a bit through the near village. And found a little tiny shop with only local hand made items. A mother and daughter started this shop half a year ago. The mother spins wool and knits small items (scarves, hats, socks and toys) to sell, the daughter makes felted items. And a friend of them supplies home made soap. Fun for hours (for me, hubby and kids found the Toy Museum and enjoyed themselves there).

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Belated birthday parcel

"Oh, it is a parcel for me," D. said immediately as the postman handed it over. And yes, it was for her. When she was unwrapping all the gifts she said: "It is for my birthday." Right again. Well, not all of it, this beautiful set was just a gift, not especially birthday related, the other packages were indeed her belated birthday presents. And she is pampered again with such gorgeous gifts. And very very happy.

She started beading immediately, giving me the time to make a proper picture of the other items.

Except for the trousers and sleeveless cardigan also two pairs of matching socks (green with crabs, lilac with butterflies); a real ladies bag in her favorite colour and a tote which contents hair elastics and clips. Myrthestiek, how did you know how we always run out of those and never have a clue were they are?

Doortje insisted to put on the new clothes at once. "I am looking very pretty."
(All the quoted text she spoke in English. During our holidays we realized she barely pronounces a full sentence in Dutch anymore. We have to work on that. We had to translate some Dutch words in English for her, before she comprehended what we meant).
And pretty she is. Myrthestiek, thanks so much for those precious gifts, we are so thrilled!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Holiday part I ~Loudoun~

I have decided to publish our holiday to Scotland in parts, in order to relieve myself of spending too much time on the computer and to relieve you of reading tons of text and viewing all those photo's at the same time.
Actually this post is about the last part of our holiday, the day out to Loudoun Castle was chosen by our teens. They had a great day, other than their experiences in Alton Towers earlier this year, there were no queues anywhere for the rides. And -very unique- every member of our family is somewhere in a photo of that day.

The lady on the left is me ;). Doortje insisted to have her face painted. For the record: she wanted to be a sheep, so this painting is that of a pink sheep, LOL!

D's favourite ride, she is very into horsies at the moment. Here with her father.

Our teens in the dodgems. Just before we went to Scotland, R. (15) decided to have a haircut, he had his hair to his shoulders before. Totally different look, I was pretty shocked when he came back from the hairdresser, LOL.