Saturday, 20 October 2007

One more parcel!

I knew Darcy was sending me some acid dyes and that she also put some 'Dora the Explorer' fabric and these cute flower buttons in the package for Dory.

But I was very surprised to find something in it for me as well! As already showed in the top picture: beautiful hand dyed 3 PLY targhee by Dyeing to Fly, colourway 'Birthday Girl'.

Thanks so much, Darcy! I am thinking to use this yarn for an earflap hat and mittens for Dory, these colours match her winter coat very well.


Irma said...

D D D Doooooraaaaaa.
I know...
Isn't Diego in the picture too?

knittinwolf said...

Darcy's so nice. What pretty yarn, can so see it made into hat/mittens!

Een famke said...

prachtig hoor! daar kun je vast iets heel moois van maken!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Cant wait to see a shirt sewn for Dory and see what you knit up;) I dyed sock yarn for you;)Darcy

Elly said...

wat een prachtige kleuren ;)), GAAF met hoofdletters ;-)