Sunday, 30 December 2007

Incoming and outgoing parcels

Yesterday a beautiful PIF parcel of Darcy arrived. As I should actually pay her, there was absolutely no need to do this, but she chose me as one of her spoilees. And look what we got! Yes, it is 'we' again, because Dory confiscated immediately a few of these items.

A Christmas table cloth, a Christmas handbag...

Christmas ornaments, immediately hung in the tree ;-)

Coffee, yummy...

Little Britches, so very cute!

I bought the balls of cotton myself, they were also in the package. The colours are very pretty!

The rabbit in the snow is Dory's favourite.

This is the outgoing parcel, tomorrow it will be send to a very sweet lady.


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Lovely stuff is this for your vintage sock swap?
I always send extra gifts to you in hopes Dory will let you have a few

Een famke said...

Its great to be spoiled like this, enjoy!

yvonnep said...

lovely, lovely!

Myrthestiek said...

You're spoiled too. Enjoy it :o).