Sunday, 19 August 2007


Actually I was thinking to put down 'Ravelry' as title, following the tendency of many bloggers lately. Yesterday I got their invitation. Reading through the guidelines I found out I should better use FireFox with Ravelry. No, I did not download it, I think it can be interesting to find the bugs while using IE. But the main reason is I am very used to Internet Explorer of course, LOL! Another thing was I have to use Flickr for my photo's. So I have to transfer a lot of pictures once more. And that means a lot of work, because I decided to browse all my folders again in order to find all my knitting and dying projects (I'm more organized in this for only the past year and a half). I found far more than I thought I had, so now I am questioning myself what to and what not to add to Ravelry.
For now, I want to share some of those pictures with you on this blog. They are about 3 years old :).

My first attempt to embellish a soaker. The soaker was knitted of Texelaar wool hand dyed by her. For the embellishments I used some hand dyed leftover wool of another soaker. I have done embellishing on wool in the past (before the digital camera), but never on a soaker.

This was the very first embellished soaker I sold. I know it is still in use.

Our very bold daughter, aged 9 months, is wearing the very first longies I ever knitted with 80% merino and 20% acrlic. She is also wearing a pair of hand knitted socks. A few days after this photo was taken, she lost one of them.

This cardigan and longies are knitted with Lorna's Laces sock wool. The longies were not meant to act as a soaker, just for warmth.

The very orange jumper (I am not too fond with orange) was knitted with a cotton blend and the colours were chosen to match with the pants she is wearing.

Here some of my early attempts to dye wool. Here I used Kool Aid. I have learned a thing or two since then...


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

They grow so fast:) the soakers are awesome love the fishies and the way the colors worked up dorrit is lucky to have such a sweet and talented momma;) Darcy

serajah said...

Leuk om deze foto's te zien!

Myrthestiek said...

Wat is dat bij tijd en wijle toch heerlijk om even in de oude doos te snuffelen ;)

N. Maria said...

OMG! You are so talented! I am impressed each time I visit your blog.
Where were you when I needed them for my son (18 years old now)?