Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

... however, it has been a long time. Not because nothing happened in my life, more because a lot of things came up and there is still a lot going on here. One has to make some time to blog and time is one of the things that is really hard to find for me.
Do I have a blogplan now? I have some intentions to restart again, but there is no way I can vouch for myself.
So... I think I will do some little posts every now and then about some of my woolly projects and that is about it.

What to do with a lot of lonely woolly skeins? I made D. a jumper. Started at the bottom of the body, knitting one piece. In the mean time I worked the sleeves. Body and sleeves were joined when I thought they were the good size. 

Well, in the end it became something like this.

And now some details:

Almost all wool used is Bluefaced Leicester, the natural is some other wool. The pattern of the jumper itself is my own, the Fair Isle patterns were found in books or online.


Tucana's Dream said...

Mooie trui! Fair Isle ben ik nog niet aan begonnen. Heel mooi, maar echt geen tijd meer voor ingewikkeldere projecten sinds ik TO geef.

En welkom terug in de blogwereld!
Je werd gemist! ;o)

MorganMagic said...

I'm a big fan of leftover projects at the moment so this is very inspiring, I've been doing blankets and cushions but maybe I should consider a beautiful Fair Isle thing!
it's wonderful to see your creative side again ;-)

heleen said...


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Wow so beautiful I'm sure Dorrits looks lovely in it:)(((Hugs)))Darcy