Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Gifts by Mail

First of all: my sincere apologies to Darcy, Tessa and Olga for the delay in posting about your thoughtful gifts.

Because of moving home, Darcy sent me this beautiful cable needle, including necklace (well thinking Darcy!) and a cute yellow pouch to hold it

And also because of the move, Tessa sent a complete parcel. Hand dyed cotton in the back, shower gel and shampoo, chocolate biscuits, a yarn guage and tea.

This photo shows the cotton more clear: knitting it up to dish cloths. The colouring is just amazing!

All the gifts were packed in this colourful bag

Very much to my surprise I also found a gift from Olga in the post. Meant as a 'thank you' to my hubby for buying loads of Kool Aid when he was in Orlando and to me for distributing it. A set of very Dutch recipe note cards. The harmonica is obviously for Dory

Thank you ladies for these special gifts!


Myrthestiek said...

You're so welcome.

It's fun to see the cotton knitted. This was my first cotton-dyeing project; not bad if I may say so ;o).

MORGAN said...

lekker verwend, zo te zien! maar je verdient niets minder dan dat...

Olga said...

Graag gedaan! Erg blij met de Koolaid!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Myrthestiek dyed yummy cotton and your knitting is so lovely:)Iam glad you like the necklace cant wait to finish knitting so I can send off the Christmas Package:)Hugs Darcy