Thursday, 3 July 2008

Coffee and Chocolate

A very good combination. So guess what was in the mail today? Correct, coffee and chocolate. Zinzia spoiled me today with this package.

I have to say I did not expect the parcel at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it at the doorstep. The chocolate and coffee are in the kitchen now, I want to save this specialty for the weekend. The crayons are in my bag, together with a small notepad. Ideal for a little girl on the road. :-)

Actually there were two parcels awaiting my homecoming. The second was not a surprise - well maybe a bit because I only ordered it only this Monday and I did not expect it here this quick. Want to know what was in it? Well, coffee and chocolate goes perfectly well with a good yarn.

Three skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, from SandraSingh. Beautiful, just beautiful.


morgan said...

happy mail indeed! enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh very lovely yarn, pretty colours.

Anonymous said...

Lizet I'm so glad you love this yarn and it arrived so quickly. Enjoy working with it!
Sandra Singh