Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fluffy mail!

When I saw the postman near the village hall today (well, actually yesterday since it is past midnight right now) and he told me he'd left a parcel at the front door, I hurried home. Not easy when having a daughter with a head full of other plans like 'I want to go to the playground, I want to buy some sweets at the Coop, let's go to Chester...'

Anyway, the parcel was from Darcy. Filled with yummy yarn, a ribbon pin and some delicious tea. The postcard is just gorgeous! For Dorrit there were tiger stickers and, oh lucky day, she got herself also a sweet!

You are looking at Noro, Noro silk garden, Malabrigo Melilla and Silky Malabrigo party pink. And of course the Starbucks tea, the ribbon pin and the cute postcard.

Can you spot the three differences? :-)

Darcy, I had to take this photo especially for you. The young lady was convinced you'd like that very much, LOL!

Thanks so much! I feel truly spoiled!


morgan said...

enjoy being spoiled! it looks lovely, all of it, Dorrit included...

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Dorrit contributed cars and trucks to the photo:)Tell her the party pink she picked was a great choice very pretty and matches her pants;)I cant wait to see what you knit with the yarn although I know what the silky will be for Iam very excitted;)Hugs your BFF Darcy

knittinwolf said...

What a bunch of great goodies! Dorrit is a doll!

Zinzia said...

it is always nice being spoiled. Dorrit is so cute:)