Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Earflap hat and mittens

I started the hat, top-down, this Sunday. On Monday I took my knitting to my friend Ailsa. It is wonderful to have a knitting friend living so near. Dory and I did have a lovely time, she enjoyed playing with the cat and was allowed to use a punch. Ailsa makes gorgeous cards and some of you are going to receive one of them in December :).
Monday evening I cast he mittens on. Tip down. Tuesday we had to go to the infirmary for Dory's eye test, which she failed. Nothing to worry about yet, we have to come back in 3 months. Since we were in Northwich anyway, we went to the town to do some shopping. D. choose to have coffee at Bratts, because of the Fairy Lunchboxes. While she was eating her egg-mayo sandwiches in order to have the crisps, I did have time enough for some knitting (and a second cuppa coffee).
When we got home I found a RM card, saying they could not deliver a package. That could be my magic ball! And now I have to wait for the re-delivery at Saturday to know for sure. I'll keep you updated!
In the evening I finished the mittens, made a I-cord to join them and crocheted the edging of the hat. The yarn, 4PLY BBR 'Birthday Girl', was sent to me by Darcy.
Okay, enough blah-blah for today, here some pictures and a clip of the result!


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I had to watch the video twice it choked me up with tears to actually see Dorrit singing and playing was really neat:)The hat and gloves are so pretty on Dorrit you did lovely knitting.Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

ohhh wat mooi!
Heb je een patroon van de wanten en muts? en op wat voor naalden en hoeveel wol???
Ik vind het ook mooi om voor lisa te breien!

Groetjes Serajah

Myrthestiek said...

D. is such a sweet little darling. The hat and mittens looks great on her :o).

Marjon said...

Ooohhhh wat een schatje!!!
Zo lief!
Rosalie is helemaal fan van de muziek die je op hebt staan en staat hier ook swingend naast mij en zegt kindje zingen!
En een pracht muts en wantjes!

knittinwolf said...

The hat and mitts are wonderful! What a little cutey!

Lizet said...

@Serajah: het patroon komt er aan. Moet nog even netjes ingetikt worden en vertaald, maar zodra het af is, stuur ik het naar je toe.

Anonymous said...

Dank je:) Het staat Dorrit geweldig!!!

Is het je eigen patroon?