Monday, 16 July 2007

Magic sock ball swap

Because of an earlier disappointing experience with a swap, I was very hesitant to join another. But the idea of a magic ball swap was very intriguing, and the idea to narrow that down to a magic sock ball swap I liked even more. So I did not hesitate too long on this one and jumped in.
It was very nice to put a ball together for someone I don't actually know. Also very exiting: would she like what I came up with or not. Well, in the end I had to sent it out and could only hope my spoilee would appreciate it. And she did ;).
Then I had to wait for my ball. And to wait. And to wait. In the meantime I saw at our collective blog (written in Dutch), especially set up for this event, that one after another received her ball, showed the pictures of what was already found with it and started to knit in order to reveal more treats.
Finally, 4 days ago, I received my magic ball (and I can't complain, because there are still two people who did not get theirs. For the record, the deadline was the 30th of June). Sending out just before the deadline with surface mail does take a lot of time and it is difficult to wait that long when looking forward to it. But also a good thing, I have to learn to be more patience, LOL!
In the box was a big bag of liquorice, immediately confiscated by DD. She loves sweeties very much. Also a set of 5 bamboo dpn's, ribbons for decoration, candle lights and a print out of Sideway knitted socks as suggestion with this Opal Hundertwasser, the yarn of my magic ball.

I am used to knit two socks the same time on a circular. Especially for this ball I choose to knit the old fashioned way (for me) and to use dpn's. And I do not follow the suggested pattern, I am not sure if I like Sideway socks with this wool.
So I just knit toe up socks, feet in stockinette and the leg in Pine Tree. I have done one sock and a half. No photo's yet, maybe tomorrow. I see some things coming up now in the ball, all was very well hidden. I see a few little things that could be point protectors and a bath fizzy. But nothing has fallen out yet. Or am I allowed to handle it out?

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Myrthestiek said...

Yes, I think you're allowed to handle it out LOL. After waiting so long :)