Monday, 23 July 2007

Magic Ball swap III - the conclusion

Two pair of socks are knitted, there's some yarn left over. Not bad at all. And all the secrets hidden in the ball are now uncovered. A dream catcher (very nice), some pretty pendants, a lavender candle light, a package with those small elastics in it, what are they called (English or Dutch, whatever). You know, those tiny rubber bands one uses as stitch marker. Originally meant as hair care product.
And two felted eggs. I have to confess not to have a clue what they are. They have the form of an egg and they are felted. So my best guess is that they are for decoration.

Nevertheless, it was great fun to do this swap and I am looking forward to the next magic ball swap.
Back to the red Horcrux socks now...

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Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I just got in a bedrest care pkg some yarn like this it didnt have the white with flecks or the green but had the other colors in it I was like kewl lovin it;)