Monday, 9 July 2007

Little Elfine Socks

Knitting socks for a little 3 year old girl is not very easy. I don't mean the pattern is complicated and the girl is very happy she will have a pair of hand knitted socks soon. The thing is that she insists to try them on after every 3 rows or so. And she likes the feel of the socks in progress, so she doesn't want to take them off immediately. Actually it is best to knit socks for her when she is not around.

But I managed to finish them. The fit is a bit tight in due of the lace and bobble technique. It is good to know only one hank of 100 gram Opal is enough for a pair of woman socks size 5 (EU 38) and a pair of toddler socks size 7 (EU 24).

What my next project will be? Recently I have joined three knit-a-long groups. Yes, call me crazy. The only thing I did so far is print out the patterns of what I should do this time. I started on Mystery Stole-3. Every blog reader knows there is much ado about this. I don't know if I will end this project. I'm not a scarf person, though I like lace knitting. I have got the right yarn and the right needles and knitted only to row 20 or so. The real pattern has still to start.
Another group I joined is Handknit Socks to knit one pattern a month. Not started yet.
And the third group is Six Socks. They do a pattern every two months an I thought this frequency will be doable for me.
The red Trekking XXL yarn will turn into a pair of Harry Potter's Horcrux Socks for DS-12.


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Awww how sweet mother and Daughter socks;)

Myrthestiek said...

What a great picture of mom and daughter. The socks looks lovely, I can imagine the excitement DD has during the proces :)

N. Maria said...

The picture with all four socks in it is adorable!
You have joined some great groups (cuz I am a member, too!).

~~R~~ said...

That is a cute picture I can't wait until I am experienced enough or shall I say brave enough to knit some socks

serajah said...

Mooie sokken!

Layla said...

Those look great!
Did you see the other Harry Potter inspired socks on Socktopia?

Lizet said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments!

Layla, I have not seen the socks at Socktopia (though that name does ring a bell here). I'll try to google it up.