Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Laura Ashley knitting bag

Half of the fabric used is Laura Ashley. The roses part. The solid 'old rose' is just a piece of cotton twill. This bag is a prototype and has an imperfection that is meant not to be there in the next bag of this type :). I have questioned myself if I should put the pockets inside or outside. They are on the inside now, in my experience this works better to prevent things falling out.

The bag has a circumference of 60 cm and a height of 30 cm. I am very aware I made this bag to my preferences, but what do other knitters expect in a knitting bag?

Oh, it is also very useful as a hat, LOL!


Myrthestiek said...

What a great bag. It is something I really like, very lovely fabric you used.

Maybe I'll put one pocket in it with a zipper or so, where I can put things so that the little DD's can't get their hands on it ;).

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

The bag is great!! love the pockets;)

N. Maria said...

I LOVE the bag! And, look, it doubles as a cute little hat!