Monday, 2 July 2007

Into wool

This is a Gotland sheep. Doortjes absolute favourite at Woolfest. Oh yes, there were many sheep more, but the Gotland sheep were the most attractive to her. I was allowed to see one stand at the time and then we had to head back to those sheep immediately.
For me as wool lover Woolfest was worthwhile. It is a great pleasure to feel and see all kinds of wool and the sheep who produce that particular wool. And to see all the magnificent colours of hand dyed yarn. And to see a lot of people spinning and weaving. She gave me this drop spindle and some Merino roving.

Unfortunately I was not able (in time) to attend the 'Spinning with Hand Spindle' workshop, so I have to learn it myself from the Internet. Or maybe I find myself a spinners group in the area, we do have a lot of sheep here :).
I did not only watch, but also bought some stuff. One kilo of undyed organic wool, a bar of Olive soap (one of the things I want to do in the near future is felting wool), two bars of Woolfat soap and two hanks of sock wool: one 100% BFL and one Trekking XXL (75% wool, 25% nylon).
Yesterday was 'sock wool dyeing day', I also dyed a hank of 75% BFL/ 25% nylon. One thing is for sure, superwash wool is not easy to dye. The dye secures less easy. I have used the citric acid method as well as the dihswash liquid method.
Here is the result

From left to right: BFL/nylon; Trekking yarn; BFL sockyarn
The red yarn is done with acid dyes and, for the sweet smell, some Cherry Kool Aid. That yarn is meant to be a pair of socks for DS-12, who wants socks 'as red as it can be'.
Finally: the Elfine socks are finished. They look lovely and have a nice fit.

With the leftover yarn I started the same socks for DD. I only have to convert the pattern a bit to toddler size 7.


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Gorgeous socks the colora are so yummy good job!!!

~~R~~ said...

Very pretty colors I love the yellow purple pink blend

Lizet said...

Thanks so much! I think the yellow/ purple/ pink colourway will end in a pair of legwarmers for DD. It is 100% wool and it is said this will wear fast when used for socks.

Myrthestiek said...

The Gotland sheep are lovely sheep; we've had them on our land last year.
Great colours you've dyed. Nylon and superwash do dye difficult.
Woolfest sounds like a really great event, a bitty it is much too far for me.

Nicole said...

Your hand-dyed socks are gorgeous, and your Elfine socks are lovely & perfect.

Thanks for including the link - I've downloaded the pattern and added it to my todo list :-)

serajah said...

Wolfest klinkt als een erg leuke ervaring!
Ik ben benieuwd hoe het gaat met het spinnen op zo een ding, dat zou ik ook wel is willen proberen!

En ik lees dat je olijfzeep hebt gevonden! kun je eindelijk gaan vilten!

Groetjes Serajah

Lizet said...

Thanks again. Woolfest was great. And yes, the olive soap is meant for felting :).

N. Maria said...

Ooo, the merino roving looks so yummy! I've seen people using the drop spindle and I tried it. Well, enough said on that subject. :(
You did a beautiful job of dyeing!
Your socks are something I would love!

Jenneke said...

Your Elfine socks look fantastic!

Irma said...

Jaaaa, woolfest, was Nederland maar nog wat meer schaapgericht..hoewel ze er in het noorden van het land best wel wat van kunnen.
Ik wens je veel succes met de tol..ik heb 'm ook, nog net niet weggegooid omdat ie niet makkelijk werkt.