Sunday, 7 January 2007

Knitting and dyeing

I love to do both. The last couple of weeks where like crazy, as the holidays used to be. We have had a lot of people around here and had a great time. Of course I did some knitting work and dyed wool. I bought merino sock yarn and merino Aran weight. They dye beautifully and easily.

Before Christmas I did a mini swap with a friend back in the Netherlands. Doortje and I were very excited to get a lovely Pippi Longstocking skorts. Dd loves Pippi and her friends, she has all the DVD's of the original series and watches them regularly.
I made for my friends daughter a pair of shorts. I used Blue Faced Leicester, dyed the wool following the Amazing Gradients tutorial of IBK , knitted a pair of shorts out of it and embellished them with a castle in the clouds.

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