Monday, 26 October 2009

Prepared for their Journey

I hope they will arrive at their new homes before Christmas!

'Is there a sheep in this box?'

The bag we were knitting in a earlier post is felted and decorated. It looks like this

And here are some more gifts

A package of biscuits; a 'make your own mini bag', excellent to make during this half term break, and a bottle of hand made oil with a lovely scent.

This is just funny and Dory loves it. Animal sound captured in a box. :-)
So, this fantastic Magic Ball ends with a cheerful sheepy sound!

Myrthe en Tessa, heel hartelijk bedankt voor een heerlijke Magische Bol. We hebben ons er geweldig mee vermaakt!

Hand dyed at home

Dory wanted to dye some yarn for her friend. She came up with the colours all by herself and had a good time applying the dyes to the wool.

And this is the sweety result: Dory's handpainted Blue Faced Leicester.

She might have some talent...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

A good cup of coffee and some knitting

Like this. Homemade cappuccino in the perfect cup.

Finished a pair of socks for Dory. She loves to wear hand knitted items and says these socks give her warm feet. Isn't she a good girl? :-)

We are knitting the magic ball into a kind of Sweetheart bag. Right now we are doing the strap. After that it has to be felt and Dory would like some buttons and embroidery on it.

More gifts are unwrapped. This is a so called 'intelligence puzzle'. Dory doesn't have any difficulties to fit the pieces together, though I have...

My little Pony, a sticker gift box.

And here's the picture she made.

On the spinning front: nothing new.