Monday, 15 December 2008

Felt Clogs

Or how to destash about 1100 grams of yarn. Four pairs made of the veggie merino, one pair made out of a mishap of handdyed BFL. Not bad at all.

One pair for Mick, one pair for Reese, one pair (with the fluffy cuff) for Dory and two pair of slippers for me. Jerrold says he is still happy with the Matalan slippers. Let him think, we know better. :-)

Random facts

I have been tagged by Myrthestiek!

Okay, here are six random facts about me.

  • I was born ages ago in Zwolle (the Netherlands)
  • There is no yarn in my kitchen cupboards… yet
  • I’m fascinated by everything Amber related. The novels, the roleplay… I’m browsing the web for diaries and logs. Do write them myself too
  • I would love to find more time to practice spinning, to do more knitting, to take up a book and to read it in one day
  • For my sandwiches I love cheese and peanut butter
  • I don’t drive

I don’t tag anyone. If you feel to it, post six random facts about yourself on your blog and leave me a comment.

Christmas Package

First of all the Jayne Hat for Dorrit. Just beautiful! Dory loves the pompom.

My friend Darcy spoiled us again! Her parcel arrived days ago, my sincere apologies for posting about these wonderful gifts this late.

Needless to say how happy Dory was with all the sweets. :-)

The sheepy dish cloths are so cute!

There was another Jayne Hat in the parcel, knitted by Tom for me. I think he did a brilliant job!

And there was more.
Knitting magazines, buttons and pins and a book of the Yarn Harlot.

Kool Aid, a crocheted dish cloth, delicious coffee and Malabrigo Stonechat, so soft and beautiful!

Darcy, thanks so much for these thoughtful gifts!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Small projects

For Jerrold this Fiery Dragon Scarf. I made some adjustments, like knitting the whole thing in the round and leaving out the scales and the ribbed part. The boy is pleased with it, his brothers and sister are jealous.

This Handmaiden Silk Cashmere is a beautiful and soft yarn I received in the Coffee and Yarn swap. I decided to knit it into a Drop Stitch Scarf.

The yarn is lovely to work with, the scarf is extremely soft, the pattern very doable. I will knit this scarf again!

Sheepy Jumper

This is the handspun I got from Sarah some time ago.

This is how it looked after the dyebath

Finally I picked up this lovely yarn to knit it into a jumper and a pair of legwarmers. Dory worked out the designs and so it became pretty sheepish. :-)

Needless to say this is her favourite jumper!