Saturday, 5 July 2008

One size fits all. About Necklace Cable Needles and Wristlers

Some time ago Darcy send me this parcel. The Silky Malabrigo party pink was sent with a purpose, Darcy asked me if I'd test a pattern she made. As there was some cabling in the pattern, a cable needle would be helpful. So she and Leslie Wind decided to send me also a set of two necklace cable needles to test as well. They are just beautiful!

Testing is what I did. I started with the cable needle to make the Snowflake, an excellent pattern to try cables. Sorry for the bad photo.

I am pretty pleased to work with this kind of cable needle. As I was used to the type with two open ends, I had to figure out a bit how this one worked, but it is really easy peasy. You just have to work always from the left to the right. And because of its weight the stitches keep staying on this needle. If you want to have it more visualized how to work with them, Darcy has put some very clear video's on her blog.

My second project was the fingerless mitts, the pattern to be tested.

This is a fun pattern to knit, easily done as they are knitted both at once and only approximately 30 grams of yarn is needed.

The is the best part: one size fits all!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Coffee and Chocolate

A very good combination. So guess what was in the mail today? Correct, coffee and chocolate. Zinzia spoiled me today with this package.

I have to say I did not expect the parcel at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it at the doorstep. The chocolate and coffee are in the kitchen now, I want to save this specialty for the weekend. The crayons are in my bag, together with a small notepad. Ideal for a little girl on the road. :-)

Actually there were two parcels awaiting my homecoming. The second was not a surprise - well maybe a bit because I only ordered it only this Monday and I did not expect it here this quick. Want to know what was in it? Well, coffee and chocolate goes perfectly well with a good yarn.

Three skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, from SandraSingh. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Tiny Mouse

... and more. Yesterday the postman delivered a surprise package from Morgan. Dory was exited when she opened it and found all the treats. Look at this

Well, sweet are definitely always very welcome with D.

She adores that crocheted tiny mouse. It is very cute indeed. And what to think of that colouring- and sticker book. Just the perfect presents for a 4 year old.

This is so very pretty, a crocheted pot holder. Look at the four-leaf clover, isn't that special. Representing Love, Luck, Hope and Faith.

Morgan, thanks so much!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Spring Fling

Almost a week ago the Spring Fling package arrived. I'm so sorry for the delay in posting about this.

But better late then never, here it is. A neat coffee mug, Surfers Blend coffee beans (in use, delicious!), toffee-chocolate sweets, Body Coffee :-) and 2 skeins of gorgeous Pistachio Nature's Choice Organic Cotton.

Chrystal, thanks so much for this lovely package!