Friday, 13 February 2009

A Birthday Package!

Look what an amazing parcel I got from my friend Darcy!

The green stuff is a batt of a blend of Merino, Bamboo, Cormo and bits of Yak and Camel. And yes, you are looking at more of that beautiful soft Malabrigo. Close up? Here you go...

I love love love that colour! Now I have 4 skeins of Malabrigo in total, I just don't know yet what to make of it and I want it to be something especially for me
And then... the book. Signed by Kate Jcobs herself, isn't that a special gift!

Little Dory is also very happy whith all the sweets!

Darcy, thanks so much for these thoughtful presents!


Ever heard of Sokssawat!? You should have. Greetje makes such wonderful products and she also has a good sense of humor. What to think when one receives a box like this...

Some people asked me what was in the box. Well, no secrets hidden here. ;-)Just a few nice thingies, like beautiful soft BFL Aran and BFL sock yarn, some skin care products and Scottish fibre

Yes, I like it when my yarn stash grows... and grows... and grows...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Much ado about spinning

Some ramble about my spinning adventures. This here is merino

Made into a tote. One photo before and one after felting. I have to admit I am very pleased with the result

It came out just as I imagined.

Also... I ordered some Superwash BFL Top at Babylonglegs. 'Very Berry' and some undyed BFL fibre

Superspeedy delivery and it came with some coffee. ;-)

The 'Very Berry' is on the wheel now and it spins up beautiful. I so love it!

Today I played a bit with this new drum carder

First I tried some Merino

A nice first batt came off

Second try out was some raw fleece of an Ouessant

And here is the batt. Not bad at all, but this fleece was more difficult to card. Well, I will give the fleece some much needed more washes before I try again anyway.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Feel Better Mail!

Yesterday there was something special for Dory in the mail. Because she has been ill last week, Morgan sent her a little something to help her to get well soon. The letter took a while, so Dory was actually doing fine when it came in.
Yet she is very happy with the stickers and the cute kitten on the postcard.

Morgan and Sarah, thanks so much for this thoughtful gift, you made a little girls day!