Sunday, 26 October 2008

Flower Fairies again

Not much news here on the woolly front. Still spinning 200 grams of reddish BFL and spun some silk

Also embellished a pair of pants (size small) with a Flower Fairy theme

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Having a Good Cup of Coffee

Indonesia Espresso of Simon Levelt. But that is not I want to blog about.
It has been kind of busy here, meanwhile I managed to do some little projects of my own. First of all the Felt Clogs. Because I really have to destash, I used some of the organic veggie O'Wool and knit with double yarn. A nice and really fast project, resulting in a pair of comfortable and warm slippers. With the leftover of the yarn I also made a pair for Dory, using a thread of that fluffy novelty yarn in the cuff, because she loves fluffy so very much.

Mine, before felting

And after felting

Dory's before felting

And after

And yes, I am still spinning. Currently 200 grams of hand dyed BFL, still doubting whether I should navajo ply or use the regular ply. Well, I can think it over when spinning the second half.
And here are the results of spinning and plying 100 grams of merino, 66 metre.

The merino came from Wolliesje, meant for felting. Though it spins great!