Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mystic Waters and Quest

It seems like ages ago I showed some serious knitting on this blog. Not that I did quit knitting, but there are a few projects I'm not allowed to share with the world outside yet. I was, I am knitting 2 lace shawls. I joined the Mystic Light KAL, did clue-1 and decided the shawl is not turning out as I'd like. The yarn is to blame for it, I am using the same yarn as for the Mystic Waters shawl. Is that one becoming lovely, the combination of the lace and cables in ML does not work with this Sheer Delight. So no photo's of that disaster.

And then the Mystic Waters. I've written about it before and was pretty positive. Until my counting and the shawl in progress did not get along with each other anymore. Very frustrating, each row I was missing stitches or had to many. So, I put it aside instead of frogging it. Well, I was very near to ripping, throwing it away, bury it, burn it... Usually I am a very patient person, really!
I left it for three weeks beside the sofa and picked it up again yesterday. And know what: the mojo was back again! No miscounting anymore, no faults and I cannot understand where I did go wrong earlier.

Something completely different is the Quest Dish Cloth I made yesterday. A dish cloth is one of those small projects, an absolute no-brainer. I toyed a bit with some stitches from the Knitting Stitch library and the outcome was like this

I jotted the pattern down, you can find it here if you are interested. Made of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Stripes, not 50 grams used.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Surprise package

Today a mix of sunshine and showers. When we were walking back from pre-school, it was raining, so we were pretty soaked when we came home. A package was waiting for us though. We did not expect it at all, so it was a very welcome surprise! And look what my little princess got

Look at the lovely flowers and ribbons, so very princesslike.

And there was also something for me. Maia knows from my blog I use hand knitted dish cloths and she gave me a Chinese Waves one. Right now we are enjoying the 'Winter Cure' tea she included. The sweets did not make it to the picture ;-)

Thanks so much Maia! You are the best!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bugged Tape Measures

What to do on a Sunday afternoon, with a little sick girl next to you on the sofa. Well, I decorated two tape measures. Easily and quickly done, only some leftover yarn needed.

Birthday Girl II

She was still sick on her Birthday. However, she did enjoy the presents and the Animal Birthday cake although she did not eat at all.

And then in the mail...

Shaun the Sheep, sent by Darcy. She likes him very much, though she is not convinced whether to like the jumper he is wearing or not. Most of the time he is jumper-less, LOL!

And this Sheepy postcard came from Morgan and family. Do you see the glittery craft stuff?

Morgan and Darcy, thanks so much for these thougtful goodies, you have made a little girl's day!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Birthday Girl

It is almost her birthday. She will turn four then. She is looking forward to it, would like it so much if we put the Christmas tree up :-). But now she is sick. Feverish, tired, not feeling well. I hope she will be a bit better on Sunday.
She did receive some presents already.

The sheep on the left and the sheepy postcard are from Susan. The little lamb on the right is the twin of Sarah's lamb.

And another package came in. This one had to be very special as it was examined by customs.

No idea what they were looking for, although the package was worth to investigate. Look what came out!

Tessa and family, thanks so much for this thoughtful package, Dory is really enjoying it!

More kindness

It was a surprise to find a parcel from Iva when I got home on Monday. She made me a whole lot of gorgeous stitch markers in all different colours and sizes (one can never have enough stitch markers). She also knitted a lovely dish cloth (already in use in the kitchen) and put some kitty stickers in as well.

Iva, thank you so much!

Paspoort alstublieft!

Voor een keer een post in het Nederlands, omdat dit bij de paspoortencontrole op Schiphol plaatsvond.

De man in het hokje neemt mijn paspoort aan en kijkt bedenkelijk naar D. die naast me staat. Hij bladert in het boekje tot hij haar heeft gevonden en zegt dan:
"Waar is de vader van D.?"
"Niet hier. Ergens in Apeldoorn denk ik."
"Oh. Tja, ik kan D. alleen doorlaten als haar vader erbij is."
"Eh... dit is toch een geldig Nederlands paspoort?"
"Jahaa, maar in verband met kidnapping mogen we niet zomaar kinderen vergezeld van maar 1 ouder laten passeren. Ik zou hetzelfde hebben gezegd tegen uw man als hij hier alleen had gestaan met het kind."
"Ik vind het raar. Het is niet de eerste keer dat ik alleen met kind reis en ik heb nog nooit problemen gehad."
"Tja. Nu, weet u wat, omdat u het land binnen komt, zal ik dit maar toestaan. Als u uitreizend was geweest, dan had ik niet kunnen toestaan dat u het kind meenam."
"Oh. Dan heb ik een probleem, want ik vlieg maandag weer terug naar Manchester."
"Dan moet uw man hier komen verklaren dat het met zijn toestemming is..."
"Hij kan maandag niet met me meekomen, dus dat zal lastig zijn."
"Misschien dat ze het kind dan doorlaten als u een verklaring kunt overleggen waarin uw man toestemming geeft dat u het kind meeneemt naar het buitenland."

Waargebeurd en het was niet eens 1 april. Misschien bedoeld als grap? Die maandag erna heb ik trouwens GEEN verklaring meegenomen (ook geen man) en was er geen enkel probleem bij de paspoortencontrole.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow at last

We did not see much of it this year, but we have some snow now! Though I'm pretty sure it won't last long.
This was at 2 am.

And this around 8 this morning.

Saturday, 5 April 2008


Finally finished, a pair of Gentleman's socks with Lozenge Pattern.

Used yarn: Regia, the blue yarn I got in the Vintage Sock Swap.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Reese is making sandwiches for himself and his little sister. He asks her what she would like with her sandwiches.
"I don't know."
"Let's have a look... we could do cheese, eggmayonaise or ham."
"I don't like ham, I want the pink sausage." Reese is confused.
"What do you mean?" She walks toward the fridge and takes the ham out.
"This is what I want. Pink sausage."